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Precautions for clothing anti-theft eas system

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Precautions for clothing anti-theft eas system


In the operation of clothing stores, the phenomenon of clothing anti-theft eas system is a headache to the store manager, sometimes this month there is no theft, sometimes that month the loss of stolen so that the store manager suspected of life, so today to convince you that clothing stores need to pay attention to theft.

1. It is best to install eas anti-theft system when conditions permit, especially when there is a theft must be installed, so as to reduce the loss behind, long-term calculation of the cost-effectiveness of eas anti-theft system is still good.

2. Even if many clothing stores arrange clothes counting personnel in the fitting room doors, there is still a phenomenon of theft, some people do not go to the fitting room to take clothes directly, some people sneak into the bag into the fitting room, and then smuggled out.

3. Clothing stores are the most vulnerable to theft when customers are busy, and often the day's turnover is very beautiful, but the number of clothes thrown after inventory is not small, so we should take anti-theft measures against their clothing stores when many people flow.

4. Some clothing stores will have a small amount of theft after installing eas anti-theft system, which is probably because some people have taken the eas detacher into the fitting room and opened the eas anti-theft tag in the fitting room. In this case, the first choice is good quality, strong pull eas anti-theft hard tag, and then consider the use of slipper-type eas anti-theft tag, so that the detacher can not open. It can only be opened by electric or manual eas detacher.

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