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Precautions for installing a clothing anti theft device [Bohang China]

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Precautions for installing a clothing anti theft device [Bohang China]


Pay attention to the appearance when installing the clothing anti theft device. Clothing stores give people a high sense of experience, so when installing clothing anti-theft devices, the aesthetic requirements are usually higher. The detection pitch is very wide. Depending on the size of the store and the layout of the doorway, it is generally recommended to mount the rear side of the door to the door. A more aesthetically pleasing fully transparent acrylic antenna mount is recommended if budget allows.


Bohang clothing anti theft device

Bohang China prefers to use an acoustic magnetic anti-theft system. Since the AM anti-theft system has a wider detection pitch than the radio frequency, the appearance of the tag is relatively small, which is more concealed. If the store has high appearance requirements and high levels of customer satisfaction, it is recommended to use an acoustic magnetic concealed anti-theft system. For relatively small clothing stores or clothing stores with lower unit prices, you can also choose a more affordable RF anti-theft system. Both are suitable for the installation of clothing anti theft devices.


Bohang clothing anti theft device

clothing anti theft device design principles: 

(1) When designing the plan, we must fully consider the image of the store and must ensure the aesthetics of the store 

(2) The installation position of the anti-theft device must be reasonable to ensure the normal circulation of personnel and goods yards;

(3) Facilitate security personnel handling the police.

(4) to ensure that the goods are effectively protected.

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