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Precautions for installing supermarket eas anti-theft system

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Precautions for installing supermarket eas anti-theft system


A good place environment can reduce the interference to the supermarket eas anti-theft system, making it more sensitive and stable in use. Supermarket eas anti-theft system is wireless monitoring of eas anti-theft tags, relying on the magnetic field in the environment, so the factors that interfere with the eas anti-theft system in supermarkets must be clear.

In order to enable the supermarket eas anti-theft system to operate stably and sensitively, it is necessary to eliminate the interference factors of the environment before installation:

1. The power supply should use 220V or 110V AC. The 220V or 110V AC used by all supermarket eas anti-theft system must be all-electric, and the neutral and live wires must be in the same position (left zero line and right fire line), and must be equipped with a safety ground wire (connected to the distribution box). The grounding must be good (the fire wire is also 220V or 110V AC to the safety ground when testing).

2. The choice of fire line, should choose the fire line that is not connected to the power supply as the power supply for the equipment, it is best to use the fire line unified with the lighting, can not use the power supply provided by the UPS and the generator.

3. Supermarket eas anti-theft system should be tested before installation and wiring, to ensure that the test is good, no problem to install.

4. Supermarket eas anti-theft system software debugging, before debugging software, the receiving sensitivity potentiometer in the chassis is set up, usually set to use the eas soft label to point to the hollow center position of the supermarket anti-theft device, the response distance is 1.2 meters - 1.4 meters. Any untested supermarket anti-theft device can short-circuit the receiving coil to ensure that the unsafe supermarket anti-theft device will not cause interference.

To reduce the source of interference, do not leave metal objects as far as possible in the supermarket anti-theft device, and the metal objects should be separated by about 1 meter. The supermarket anti-theft device is separated from the electronic fluorescent lamp by 4-5 meters, and the large-scale anti-theft device is separated by 3-5 meters. The supermarket anti-theft device is separated from the display by 2-3 meters, and is separated from the induction cooker by 5-8 meters.

The above is a detailed introduction of the safety precautions for the installation of the eas anti-theft system for Bohang Electronics. Welcome everyone to inquire about related issues!

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