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Precautions for the use of supermarket anti-theft soft labels

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Precautions for the use of supermarket anti-theft soft labels


1、 When the soft label used in the anti-theft of the supermarket is attached to the package, the soft label should be kept flat and must not be bent and uneven. Curved goods, such as bottled items, filled items and detergents, can also be flattened on the curved surface, otherwise the anti-theft effect will be greatly reduced.

2、The supermarket anti-theft soft label cannot be affixed to the package with important instructions such as ingredients, barcode and date of manufacture.

3、 The anti-theft soft label must not be attached to the metal-wrapped item. Its metal magneticity will greatly dry the frequency of the soft and soft label, so that the supermarket anti-theft device does not alarm, such as canned metal packaging, aluminum packaging. Wait.

4、 The anti-theft soft label can be attached not only to the outside of the product package but also to the inside of the package. Some high-end crafts can be placed inside the product because of the aesthetics, which is beautiful and has anti-theft function.


5、 In order to facilitate degaussing, when the anti-theft soft label is placed inside the product, it should be within 5 cm of the degaussing device, and does not affect the degaussing of the product.

6、For the anti-theft effect, the soft label uses a very strong adhesive, so it cannot be attached to paper, leather and other items.

7、Of course, soft labels must not be placed in foods and liquids. Therefore, when labeling soft labels, pay attention to classification management, and do not place and paste them at will.

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