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Preventive measures that can be done in supermarket security alarm [Bohang China]

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Preventive measures that can be done in supermarket security alarm [Bohang China]

In the anti-theft of goods, the supermarket is the place with the most stolen goods. The supermarket has many varieties and large area, which is easy to become the target of thieves. The most easily lost items on the shelves of supermarkets are mainly concentrated in cosmetics and shampoo products like cigarettes, batteries, chocolate, clothes, and other goods that are not cheap and portable. Many stolen goods in the supermarket belong to these categories, accounting for about 50% to 70% of the loss of the mall. If the supermarket can effectively install supermarket security alarm and do supermarket security alarm prevention measures, then it can reduce many unnecessary losses.


 Bohang supermarket security alarm


Effective supermarket security alarm prevention measures:


1. Install soft labels or hard tags in the supermarket products that need anti-theft. The soft labels are best installed in concealed locations and are not easy to find. Mainly for goods that are easy to be stolen, these data should be taken from the inventory


2. Pay attention to the shelf placement of valuables, some are particularly easy to be stolen, a small amount placed on the shelf, other placed with empty packaging, customers need to buy with the shopping guide.


3. Must be familiar with what is stolen in the supermarket, the most serious, in these stolen items, strengthen the prevention, multi-variety stickers supermarket security alarm labels.


 Bohang supermarket security alarm

4. Collect and summarize the different hidden methods that thieves use for different commodities.


5. Check the monitoring records, pay attention to the behavior and dressing of these thieves, next time you can pay special attention to this group of people.

Bohang supermarket security alarm

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