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Product information of BH9686MONO

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Product information of BH9686MONO

Detection distance (BH9686MONO):

●The distance between the two soft labels: 120-240cm,

●SD1523 small steamed bread two spacing: 200-350cm

● SD1524 big hoe two spacing: 240-400cm

The strongest single face of the big steamed bun can be detected on one side and 250cm.


1. Detection method: The detection rate of the weakest surface of the label is the standard.

2. Installation reminder: This parameter is the test distance without interference environment. It is better to install the conservative distance on site.

Product specifications:

Standard sizes:

1, high: 1500mm

2, width: 390mm

3, thick: 125mm

4, product net weight: 22KG

5, product gross weight: 25.7KG

6, package size: 1650 × 500 × 140

7, anti-theft host: None.

8, equipment material: new acrylic + steel base

[Electrical performance]

1. The rated input voltage of the whole machine: 220V/110V (switching required), AC

2, rated working current: less than 400mA

3, the maximum power: 100W

4, alarm volume: adjustable, the maximum is greater than 125dB

5, circuit board input voltage: 9V ~ 0V ~ 9V, 0V ~ 16V, 22V ~ 0V ~ 22V; AC

6, working temperature: -10 ° C ~ +60 ° C

7, working environment humidity: less than 70%

BH9686MONO single-seat anti-theft antenna, single antenna works completely independently, plug and play, very convenient to use, the number of devices can be increased without limit, only one power cord can be used, no need to connect, no need for grounding wire Reason, it is recommended to ground). It is especially suitable for supermarket anti-theft channel installation mode, and can also be used as a supermarket anti-theft total exit installation mode. The following describes the combination of one, two, and three installations, and three or more analogy. The spacing problem can be ignored between the two. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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