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RF anti-theft system false positive analysis [Bohang]

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RF anti-theft system false positive analysis [Bohang]


Because of its high cost performance and low consumables, the RF anti-theft system is widely loved by people. "There is no perfect person." The RF anti-theft system also follows this principle. There are many shortcomings. The radio frequency anti-theft system on the market often has some false positives. To deal with this problem, you must first find out the cause. Then let's analyze the false alarm of the RF anti-theft system.


Bohang RF anti-theft system


In general, the sensitivity of the RF anti-theft system on the market is adjusted. If there is a false alarm, the sensitivity of the RF anti-theft system may be too low. A higher adjustment should be solved. It may also be due to sensitivity failure due to weather changes; or due to poor contact in a certain place.


2. There is a strong interference signal in the field environment.

If the adjustment sensitivity problem is still not solved, then the surrounding environment has caused interference to the RF anti-theft system. We can check for metal railings or other metal objects around the RF anti-theft system, or magnetic objects. The RF anti-theft system itself is very susceptible to external interference, so we must try to find out the reasons and avoid unnecessary economic losses.


 Bohang RF anti-theft system


3. Equipment problems

The RF anti-theft system includes an antenna, a power supply, an antenna frame, and a motherboard; since the antenna frame has been rigorously tested at the time of appearance, it is usually not damaged, and the power supply and the main board are different. First, check whether the plug and the jumper cap on the main board are loose or It is falling off. The cause of the false positive is obtained through continuous testing. In general, equipment problems have a direct impact on the manufacturer, it is better to return to a new RF anti-theft system during the replacement period.

Bohang RF anti-theft system

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