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SD1600 RFID And Acoustic Magnetic Dual-function Eas Anti-theft Tag

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RFID AM eas tag eas tag remover eas tag RFID tag

  • SD1600
  • BoHang
  • SD1600
  • 88*29*22mm
  • 58KHz+960MHz
  • -10°C—60°C

Product Description

Product introduction

1. Bohang has its own production and R&D base of 2,000 square meters. Products are sold directly by manufacturers, providing free trial and customized production services for labels.

2. Good detection distance and effect, high stability, low false alarm rate.

Product specification

Substrate material                               PET

Antenna production                            Aluminum etching (white)

Meet the standards                             ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Gen2

Applicable frequency                          860 ~ 960MHz (carrier)

Storage area                                       EPC area, 96Bits, readable and writable

TID area                                              32Bits, readable and writable

TID area                                              64Bits, readable and writable (Unique)

Password area                                    32Bits access password, 32Bits destroy password, readable and writable

User area                                            512Bits, readable and writable

Working mode                                   passive

Reading distance                               1-3-5m (distance depends on reader power and antenna size, reader antenna is                                                               consistent with label polarization)

Service life                                         100,000 erases, data retention for 10 years

Tag size                                              88*29*22mm (ABS case)

Material weight                                  0.015

Storage temperature / humidity        -25 ~ 50 ° C / 20% ~ 90% RH

Operating temperature / humidity    -50 ~ 60 ° C / 20% ~ 90% RH


After-sale service

1.Help you to know the relevant knowledge of commodity burglar-proof device before sale, design and install the design scheme for free and try out the sample.

2.Special environment shop free engineers on-site on-site exploration, design, ensure that the installation is correct.

3.Bohang anti-theft equipment warranty period is too long, a normal one-year free warranty, can be agreed five-year warranty, life-long maintenance.

4.It belongs to the quality of the commodity itself, and it can be returned at any time within 1 months.

5.Provide training services for nationwide door-to-door installation, commissioning and use, and provide training services for direct selling customers on the day of installation.

6.Annual free door-to-door merchandise theft detector annual inspection, to ensure the normal use of anti-theft equipment.

7.Bohang promises fast and convenient installation services for you, focusing on the installation of supermarket anti-theft, clothing anti-theft, library anti-theft, electronic equipment anti-theft and so on.

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