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Several methods often used in clothing store loss prevention [Bohang]

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Several methods often used in clothing store loss prevention [Bohang]


There are many ways to use clothing store eas anti-theft system in clothing stores. The most common method is artificial burglary. Generally, clerk should pay attention to people who have stolen when they entertain customers. However, this most traditional anti-theft method is inefficient, and it is less likely to catch the thief, and it also affects the marketing enthusiasm of the clerk, so this method is not very effective overall. With the development of information technology, artificial burglars can no longer satisfy most clothing stores. Today, we will tell you about the clothing store eas anti-theft system methods that are often used in clothing stores.


Bohang clothing store eas anti-theft system


1. Install the clothing store eas anti-theft system. Clothing store entrances and exits must be installed with clothing store eas anti-theft system, according to the distance between the entrance and exit, and then decide how many anti-theft devices to install; the anti-theft device can burglar the clothing of the whole door, and no need to cooperate manually, as long as the anti-theft lock is installed on the checkout counter After the customer pays the bill, the anti-theft sensor tag on the clothes will be untied, so that the customer will not have an alarm when he takes the finished goods out of the door.


Bohang clothing store eas anti-theft system

2. Network monitoring and alarm system. Installation monitoring can work well with the anti-theft device and implement evidence for the thief caught. When the door is closed at night, the infrared monitoring alarm system is turned on, and the remote alarm can be immediately detected when a thief occurs.

3. Rfid system. Rfid is usually used for inventory of goods, but in recent years, it has developed a system for inventory and anti-theft. It can not only check goods but also anti-theft of goods. However, this system has more equipment and costs, so there are very few installed businesses. 

Bohang clothing store eas anti-theft system

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