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Simple knowledge of supermarket EAS system[Bohang China]

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Simple knowledge of supermarket EAS system


The vertical equipment usually installed at the entrance and exit of the supermarket is a EAS system. Everyone should have seen it in many stores. If the goods are stolen, the equipment will alarm. Nowadays, many medium and large stores use supermarket EAS system to burglarize their products, so they don't have to worry about theft of goods. Today I will introduce the supermarket EAS system for everyone.



If the EAS system used in the supermarket , there are two kinds of EAS system for you to choose, they are 58KHz AM EAS system and 8.2MHz RF EAS system, with hard tags, deactivator and other components to form an EAS system to protect you In supermarkets, most EAS system with hard tags protect your store effectively.


The working principle of RF 8.2MHz frequency EAS system :it is a physical principle that the tuning fork only causes resonance when the oscillation frequency is the same, realizes almost zero false alarm operation, and AM hard tags fixed on the commodity enters the EAS system detection area, resonance occurs, but the alarm is issued only after the receiver receives four consecutive resonance signals (every 1/50th of a second).


The working principle of 58KHz AM EAS system : using radio waves as the signal for transmitting and receiving, the detection frequency range is about 7.6 ~ 8.2 megahertz. The biggest advantage of the radio system is that the system cost is very low and the installation is convenient. However, because the hard tag is a toroidal coil type, the system is susceptible to interference from some items, such as electronic products such as cash registers, metal objects, etc., causing false positives or failures of the system.


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