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Skills of supermarket anti-theft

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Skills of supermarket anti-theft 

In the anti-theft of goods, supermarkets are the places with the most stolen goods, and the most easily lost items on the shelves of supermarkets are mainly concentrated in cosmetics, shampoo, cigarettes, batteries, chocolate, clothing, CD/VCD, etc. It is a product that can be portable. Many stolen goods in the supermarket belong to these categories, accounting for about 50% to 70% of the loss of the mall. If the supermarket can effectively install the anti-theft device, it will greatly help the reduction of the loss.


Here is a little trick to steal the goods.


1. To check whether the goods in the hands of the customers are unpacked, many thieves will steal the packaging of valuables.

2. Using eas soft labels or eas hard labels in the supermarket products that need anti-theft. The soft labels are best installed in concealed locations and are not easy to find.

3. Do not have eye contact with the suspect, collect accurate information, understand the stolen goods, and grasp the thief.

4. Be familiar with what is stolen in the supermarket is the most serious, strengthen the prevention of these stolen items.

5. Collect and summarize the different hidden methods that thieves use for different commodities.

6.Check the monitoring records, pay attention to the behavior and dressing of these thieves, next time you can pay special attention to this group of people.

Anti-theft of supermarket goods is a very important part of supermarket management. If the supermarket does not do anti-theft measures, the loss will be serious to the long-term impact of the business.Supermarket anti-theft devices are installed, but poor management can also affect the anti-theft effect. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the anti-theft management of goods. Good management can make the anti-theft device play the most important role.

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