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Some small supermarkets also need to install a EAS system

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Some small supermarkets also need to install a EAS system


Supermarkets are becoming more and more common in our daily lives. Sometimes every few steps will pass through several supermarkets,which greatly facilitates our lives. However, the situation of supermarkets being stolen is also widespread. At present, large supermarkets all install EAS system at exit , which can reduce a lot of losses. Small supermarkets usually have fewer installations, but some small supermarkets still have serious problems with theft of goods. In this case,this type small supermarket need to install EAS system. Some small supermarket owners think that because the size of the supermarket is not large, relying on monitoring and human marking can completely solve the problem- being stolen . In fact, this is not right. It is precisely because of this wrong idea that the situation of the supermarket being stolen will become more and more serious. . Here's why you should install supermarket security system.


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Traditional monitoring and artificial monitoring can not prevent the increasingly rampant theft. In particular, small supermarkets sometimes only have one or two people looking after the store. The scope of monitoring is limited. Once the passenger flow of the supermarket becomes large, it will not be seen,so that the criminals can succeed. The monitoring will also have blind spots. It is difficult for supermarkets to monitor all aspects. Some people will pay attention to this and steal goods from the blind spot.


After installing the supermarket EAS syatem, coupled with supermarket monitoring can greatly ensure the anti-theft security of the supermarket, you can achieve less theft or even zero theft of the goods, so that the supermarket is more assured, no longer worried about theft of goods.

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