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Some suggestions on clothing anti-theft devices [Bohang China]

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Some suggestions on clothing anti-theft devices [Bohang China]

Nowadays, many clothing store models are open-type sales. There are not so many shopping guides. Basically, customers look at their own clothes and try on them, but they also cause the goods in the clothing store to be effectively protected. A certain loss has come. Therefore, in the clothing anti-theft devices should pay attention to some anti-theft skills, can reduce the stolen loss of clothing stores, thereby increasing the cost of profit. Today, Bohang Electronics will show you the anti-theft skills of clothing stores.


Bohang clothing anti-theft devices


1. It is possible to concentrate on some high-priced, easily lost clothing in a relatively small area, and this area is close to the staff. This is a safe way of displaying clothing, which is more conducive to clothing. Shop anti-theft.


2. The area where theft is easy to occur in the clothing store for effective monitoring. There are often dead spots or invisible areas in the clothing store, areas that are easy to mix, areas with insufficient lighting, areas with narrow passages, and areas with disorganized clothing displays are places that thieves like to patronize. These places are effectively monitored with closed circuit appliances.


Bohang clothing anti-theft devices

3. Conditional to consider the installation of clothing anti-theft devices device at the exit of the clothing store, all clothing in the clothing store is affixed with anti-theft tags, the cashier uses the nail remover, the paid items, the cashier removes the label. When the customer takes the item with the anti-theft buckle, an alarm sounds at the exit where the anti-theft antenna is placed, which can prevent the theft from happening in time.


There are many kinds of schemes for anti-theft in clothing stores, but not every anti-theft solution can have a real anti-theft effect on your shop. Therefore, the clothing store operators should formulate a set according to the layout of their own stores.

Bohang clothing anti-theft devices

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