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Some suggestions on how to use of AM EAS sensor tag [BOHANG]

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Some suggestions on how to use of AM EAS sensor tag [BOHANG]

With the development of society,anti-theft is becoming more and more important, and the means by which thieves steal things is becoming more and more sophisticated. In order to protect the interests and avoid economic losses, many stores have installed anti-theft alarm security system gate, and supermarkets as a gathering place for daily necessities. The products sold in supermarket are also diverse. How do supermarkets use AM EAS sensor tag in the face of numerous goods in supermarkets?

Bohang AM EAS sensor tag

The interior of the AM EAS sensor tag is composed of a spring, an iron ring and an iron ball. Its main principle is to use a spring to press the iron ring, then press the iron ball, and the iron column squeezes the dark buckle to fix it. We all know that magnetic can attracts iron, and the clothing store opens the clothing EAS sensor tag to attract the strong magnetic force to attract.

Generally speaking, the high-value goods in the supermarket have a high frequency of theft, such as beauty cosmetics, alcoholic areas, etc., so in the anti-theft measures, priority should be given to the anti-theft work for high-value goods. 

Targeted merchandise should use a targeted AM EAS sensor tag, so that it can be perfectly protected.The RF soft label is not fold-able and bent, and it is demagnetized by the RF decoder. RF soft labels cannot be directly attached to items with metal casing or metal packaging, otherwise the metal will block the label and lose the anti-theft function.The AM soft label can not be bent, otherwise the inner chip will be deformed and lose the anti-theft function. The AM EAS sensor tag is not affected by the shielding of metal objects.It is necessary to properly distribute the hard tags and soft labels of the AM EAS sensor tags. The price of the hard tag is more expensive than the soft label, but it can be reused. The price of the soft label is cheaper than the hard tag, but it cannot be reused.

Bohang AM EAS sensor tag

If the AM EAS sensor tag is dirty, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is not recommended to wash it. Because the AM EAS sensor tag has a coil circuit inside, if the water penetrates, it will cause oxidation of components or copper wires, which will reduce the detection effect. 

The above is some suggestions for the use of the AM EAS sensor tag, for reference only, I hope to help everyone!

Bohang AM EAS sensor tag

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