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Steps to install the eas system

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Steps to install the eas system

Today, we will teach you a simple way to install a eas system, which can be easily done in just a few steps! Let's learn new skills together! 


Step 1: unpacking the purchased eas system and supporting equipment

Step 2:Take out the power supply and accessory parts, open the control board of the main board, place the eas security door in the channel position that you expect to install, and prepare to connect the line for testing.

Step 3: Connect the power output line to the eas security door launching host, connect the online cable to the transmitting host and the receiving host, place the power on the channel where the device needs to be installed, and connect the 220v AC tag(eas hard and eas soft label test) Test the alarm is normal, all angles must be tested.

Step 4: The eas security door power test for about 30 minutes, to see if the system is normal (no false positives), you can install a fixed location. Use a pen and other tools to make a mark. Use a hammer to punch holes in the mark position, insert the expansion screw into the hole according to the picture, and tighten it clockwise with a wrench.

Step 5: After fixing the position of the eas security door, it can be put into use.

The above is a detailed introduction of the eas security door installation method summarized by Bohang Electronics for everyone, I hope to help everyone! Welcome customers to come to consult!

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