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Stores anti-theft eas security system - anti-theft of high-end stores[Bohang China]

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Stores anti-theft eas security system - anti-theft of high-end stores[Bohang China]



Today I continue to talk about the use of the anti-theft series - eas spider tags in luxury stores. The last time I talked about the EAS buried antenna, then the antenna is used in conjunction with the tag and the unlocker to form the entire stores anti-theft eas security system.


As one of biggest EAS Manufacturers in China, Bohang offers the full range of EAS products: EAS RF/AM System, RF/AM Hard Tags, RF/AM Labels, RFID Tags, Etc; Equiped with the imported and self-developed automatic producing facilities, Bohang's daily output have reached 100,000 tagging products. Closely cooperated with customers abroad,Bohang has successfully built its customers’ relationship all over the world. Meanwhile, the professional and enthusiastic R&D team with advanced facilities and laboratory is always ready to provide customers with the most famous and fashion design products. With more than 10 years RFID experience, Bohang is with great passion and confidence to become your reliable Supplier.

The following is a description of eas spider wrap tags used in high-end goods, because the price is relatively higher than the price of ordinary tags, so it is more suitable for use in higher-end products.

Classification of eas spider tags

According to the alarm function classification, it can be divided into two alarms and triple alarms. The double alarm means that when the spider tag is destroyed, it will alarm. When the tag is passed through the eas antenna, the antenna will alarm. This creates two alarms. The triple alarm is an alarm when the spider tag is destroyed. When the tag passes the eas antenna, the antenna will alarm and the tag will alarm again.

According to the shape classification of the tag, there are 4 rope of a spider tag,and according to the length of the rope, it can be divided into 20 cm, 36 cm, 50 cm, 72 cm, etc. 

According to the diameter classification of the spider warp, it can be divided into 57 Dia*38 mm and 70 Dia*47mm.


According to the frequency classification, it can be divided into RF 8.2 MHz and AM 58 KHz.

Its color is generally black and white, but we can customize it according to customer preferences.

Performance characteristics

ABS material, durable, stylish and generous, user-friendly design, excellent label feel,Long battery life, high decibel alarm, effective reminder,Net pocket design, comprehensive protection of goods

How to use spider wrap/tag


Please check this operation video, the main operation process is to put the goods in the net pocket, and then tighten the lead,then press the switch and the tag starts working;And how to open the spider tag is by moving the tag lock close to the unlocker. Stir the switch, the tag stops working.

Application Guide

1.For irregular items, please choose the tag that is easy to fix.

2.Do not pin the tag where the product is printed with important explanatory text, such as product ingredients, usage methods, warning statements, dimensions and barcodes, date of manufacture, etc.

3.Spider tag packages should be placed in a ventilated place to protect them from moisture

4.When installing the tag, take care to avoid pinching the goods.

5.Spider wrap must be used in conjunction with the tag remover.

How to open eas spider tags

The eas spider tags must be used with a special spider wrap remover like this


The spider tag is also known as the self-sounding security tag, which means that it can alarm itself when the line is removed, but it works better if it is used together with the anti-theft device.


Nanjing Bo Hang Electronic Co., Ltd is a leading and reliable manufacturer of electronic article surveillance products. 

Founded in 2001, focused on the EAS solution for helping worldwide customers to decrease shoplifting, Bohang Electronic has done with the most endeavor and proved its success in the hard competition in the hard competition in the recent years. 

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