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Suggestions on the use of supermarket eas hard tags and soft labels

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Suggestions on the use of supermarket eas hard tags and soft labels

As a gathering place for daily necessities, supermarkets sell a wide variety of goods. In the face of the numerous goods in the supermarket, how do supermarkets use supermarket eas hard tags and soft labels? Here are the suggestions for the use of them:


First, in general, high-value goods in supermarkets have high frequency of theft, such as milk powder, beauty products, wine, chewing gum, chocolate, etc., so priority is given to high-value goods in anti-theft measures. 

Second, targeted products should use targeted anti-theft consumables. For example, chewing gum is packaged in aluminum foil. The anti-theft eas tag can't be used for anti-theft. At this time, we can use the eas box to perfect protection.

Third, for RF eas soft labels:

1. The RF soft label can not be folded and bent, and the radio frequency degaussing device should be used for degaussing.

2. The RF soft label can't be directly attached to the item with metal casing or metal packaging, otherwise the metal will shield the label and lose the anti-theft function.

Fourth, for the AM eas soft label:

1. The AM DR soft label can't be bent, otherwise the inner chip will be deformed and lose the anti-theft function.

2. The AM DR soft label will not be affected by the shielding of metal objects.

Fifth, it is necessary to properly distribute anti-theft eas hard tags and anti-theft eas soft labels. Hard tags are more expensive than soft tags, but can be reused.Eas soft labels are cheaper than eas hard tags, but they cannot be reused.

These are some personal suggestions from Bohang Electronics. Welcome everyone to inquire!

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