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Supermarket anti-theft eas system installation method and precautions

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Supermarket anti-theft eas system installation method and precautions


Supermarket anti-theft eas system are more and more popular among business owners, but the installation of supermarket anti-theft eas system has become a very headache. Some merchants buy online, and sellers do not provide on-site installation services. They need to come back and install them themselves. If the installation is not correct, there will be a phenomenon of "doing money and not please". Then, what should be paid attention to when the supermarket anti-theft eas system is installed? Today, Bohang Electronics has popularized the installation method of the supermarket anti-theft eas system for everyone.

The installation of the supermarket anti-theft eas system is mainly to pull the power supply from the distribution box to the power supply provided by the anti-theft eas system, pre-embed the line pipe before the construction of the floor tile, the thickness of the line pipe and the requirements of each anti-theft device, and install the anti-theft device. The appropriate location is left at the exit so that the installed anti-theft eas system has a concealed appearance.

If there is no fixed initial installation, users can try to put it into other position test. If the LED detection indicator is basically stable in other positions, it is not bright or only one light flashes slightly, indicating that there is strong interference at the installation place to eliminate interference before installation.

The supermarket anti-theft eas system suddenly finds no alarm or false alarm for a period of time. Try to adjust the sensitivity. If the sensitivity is not adjusted, it indicates that there is strong interference. Check whether there is any new strong electric power, or communication line, electric appliance, battery car charging, etc. As soon as the source disappears, the device immediately returns to normal.

Some merchants will buy supermarket anti-theft eas system from the Internet, considering that the installation may involve a certain cost. At this time, the merchant will choose to install according to the installation instructions step by step, but the installation instructions may not be detailed enough in many details. If the details are not noticed, it will not be effective against theft. Therefore, when we buy a supermarket anti-theft device, we must make a good choice. We choose a regular manufacturer and a regular brand, and the after-sales service is guaranteed. Otherwise, the equipment will bring some unnecessary troubles in the later operation. Bohang Electronics specializes in installing supermarket anti-theft eas system, clothing anti-theft eas system, library anti-theft eas system, luggage anti-theft eas system and other equipment, providing installation solutions free of charge, and providing on-site training services such as installation and use. The direct sales customers provide product use training services on the day of installation.

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