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Supermarket anti-theft eas system makes theft rate to drop immediately [Bohang]

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Supermarket anti-theft eas system makes theft rate to drop immediately [Bohang]


For most supermarkets, if you add the cost of lost goods together, you can buy several supermarket anti-theft eas system for those funds, and the high-end of the supermarket anti-theft eas systems is about 3 years. So it is a good investment. The installation of Supermarket anti-theft eas systems not only has a warning effect on thieves, but also greatly reduces theft.


Bohang Supermarket anti-theft eas system


Those who have bought supermarket anti-theft eas systems know that they can be used for a long time, and the input is greater than the output. The goods in the supermarket are the essential items for people's lives. They are the main expenses of the young people's living expenses. The sales market trend is:

1. The competition strength of single store is weakened, and store sales tend to be chained;

2. The area of a single store is constantly expanding;

3. The storefront service is continuously humanized;


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas system


The increase in the size of a single store will increase the number of people, and the theft of customers will increase. If you encounter a professional theft team, the loss will be more serious. The clerk not only needs to promote the promotion, but also prevents theft. The two can not take care of each other, which often affects the sales, increases the employee's work tasks, reduces the employee's work mood, and thus reduces the sales performance; the store area increases, the number of employed employees increases, and the management expenses increase. Loss of service, loss of salesperson's compensation, affecting work enthusiasm, may cause people to flow or revenge, may also join the theft team, resulting in internal theft.


After a series of reactions, the customer’s sense of shopping for your salesperson and shop has disappeared. After installing the Supermarket anti-theft eas system, you can reduce the salesperson and reduce unnecessary expenses. Let the salesperson no longer distracted and patiently explain to the customer, which also shows respect for the customer, is conducive to the sales of supermarket goods, and also greatly reduces the theft of supermarkets.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas system

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