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Supermarket anti-theft system application process

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Supermarket anti-theft system application process

Supermarket anti-theft system is an anti-theft device that many supermarkets will install. In addition to monitoring, the supermarket anti-theft device is the most common anti-theft device installed. It can effectively protect supermarket goods and clothing. Its biggest role is actually the shocking effect on most people. People see that there are commodity anti-theft devices in the supermarket that will not steal anything from the psychological point of view. This is the most effective function of the anti-theft device. The specific application process of the anti-theft device is not clear to many people. Today, we will tell you about it.


Supermarket anti-theft system mainly includes vertical anti-theft devices, eas anti-theft tags, eas detachers and deactivators. First of all, we need to install eas labels on supermarket products, such as soft labels and hard tags. Soft labels are mainly attached to packaging,such as retail, gift boxes, carton packaging, etc., but can not be attached to metal objects, with curved goods, because the soft label can not be bent, the alarm effect after bending is much reduced. Eas hard tags are divided into ordinary hard tags and special hard tags. Ordinary hard tags are mainly used for anti-theft clothing, bags, shoes and hats. Some of them are special hard tags. Most of these tags are: milk powder labels, wine bottle labels, oil bottle labels and many more.

The function of the deactivator is to degauss the soft label. The soft label will degauss after touching the decoder. The soft label without magnetic will naturally not alarm through the anti-theft device. Of course, if there is no degaussing, the anti-theft device will alarm. The label is the same. If the hard tag is removed with detacher, the alarm will not alarm. These are probably the application process of supermarket anti-theft devices, and there are not many things to use, but the role of anti-theft is great. If you still don't understand, you can contact us at any time.

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