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Supermarket anti-theft system selection

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Supermarket anti-theft system selection

 According to channel characteristics,it is generally recommended to choose mono anti-theft system,RF mono system,representative products include BH9677MONO AM MONO anti-theft system and BH9277 RF MONO anti-theft system.Optional products are available BH9686MONO、BH9688MONO、BH9289、BH9287 and so on.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft system channel protection case——BH9686B



Bohang supermarket anti-theft system channel protection case——BH9277




Composition of anti theft system for supermarket

Electronic Article Surveillance System,referred to as EAS system,consists of three parts: detection device, sensor tag, magnetic nail remover or decoder.

EAS system has different types of detection devices,the appearance and composition of the detection device are as follows:

Supermarket anti-theft detection device

A device installed at the checkout channel for detecting the presence or absence of an anti-theft sensor tag on the product,also known as EAS anti-theft system, EAS security door, EAS anti-theft magnetic door, EAS anti-theft access control, EAS security door god.  

 1.AM MONO anti-theft system, such as: BH9677MONO anti-theft system

 2.RF MONO anti-theft system, such as: BH9277MONO anti-theft system


Supermarket anti-theft sensor tag

Installed on the merchandise, the inductive label that has been decoded and processed can cause an alarm when passing through the detecting device,can be used to protect goods from loss or theft,Hard tags are also called anti-theft buckles, magnetic buckles, anti-theft labels, etc. Soft labels are also called magnetic codes, anti-theft posts, anti-theft tags, anti-theft bar codes, etc.

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