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Supermarket eas anti-theft soft labels use precautions

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Supermarket eas anti-theft soft labels use precautions


In the supermarkets, cosmetics stores, libraries and other places,we can always see the eas anti-theft soft labels, it is easy to use,  and the anti-theft effect is good. Eas soft labels are less expensive and can be attached directly to more "hard" items and are not reusable.

There are two kinds of eas soft-labels, AM and RF commonly used in daily life. The working frequency of the acoustic magnetic eas soft label is 58KHZ, the working frequency of the radio frequency eas soft label is 8.2MHz, the price of the eas soft label is low, and the performance is relatively reliable. The eas soft label is perfectly combined with the ordinary label, and it is seamless and suitable for all kinds of goods. So what do you need to pay attention to during the use of eas soft labels?

Precautions for the use of supermarket eas anti-theft soft labels:

1. Eas soft labels must be attached to the merchandise to protect the merchandise.

2. The eas soft label should be placed on the principle that it does not damage the goods.

3. Eas soft labels cannot be attached directly to metal or foil products.

4. Eas soft labels cannot be placed one on top of the other.

5. The position of the eas soft label should be as flat as possible. The bending curvature should be as small as possible and should not be folded. It is best not to be less than 120 degrees and stick firmly.

6. The eas soft label is disposable and cannot be reused. It should be decoded with a deactivator.

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