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Supermarket eas system price [Bohang]

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Supermarket eas system price [Bohang]


The price gap of supermarket eas systems is a small part because of the different appearances, which leads to different prices. But the vast majority of price gaps are mainly reflected in workmanship, systems and chips. When many merchants purchase supermarket eas systems, they don’t know how much the Supermarket eas systems cost. So how is the price gap of a small Supermarket eas system so much different?


 Bohang supermarket eas system price


1. Aluminum alloy material supermarket eas system

The price of aluminum alloy Supermarket eas system is about USD 200-300. The eas RF antenna is cheaper than the eas AM antenna. The aluminum alloy alarm is lighter in weight and more favorable in price, but the disadvantage is that the aluminum alloy is easily deformed by impact.After a long time of use, the appearance will not look good.


2.ABS high-strength plastic material supermarket eas system

ABS high-strength plastic material supermarket eas system price is about USD 400-500, there are common models and enhanced models, the price of the enhanced models is higher than this price, ABS plastic is the most common application in the anti-theft device, the price is moderate Not easy to deform, its shortcoming is that it looks a bit old for a long time, because most of the ABS plastic alarms are white.


Bohang supermarket eas system price

3. Transparent acrylic material supermarket eas system

The price of transparent acrylic material supermarket eas system is about USD 600-800. There are also ordinary models and enhanced models. The price of the enhanced models is higher than this. The enhanced version of the alarm is wider and larger, and the functions of the motherboard are more. The most important thing is that the length of the test is more than that of the normal version. Acrylic is good-looking in appearance, and the disadvantage is the price.


The above is the price of supermarket eas systems, for reference only, I hope to help everyone.

Bohang supermarket eas system price

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