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Supermarket milk powder anti-theft,you no longer have losses.【Bohang】

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Supermarket milk powder anti-theftyou no longer have losses.Bohang

Store owners often have a headache about the problem of anti-theft in supermarkets, especially in large and medium-sized supermarkets. Supermarket passenger flow and the area is large, the goods are various and the personnel is few. It does not have enough anti-damage personnel to anti-theft. Although monitoring is installed, it cannot reduce theft, so we should pay great attention to the problem of damage prevention. Anti-theft in supermarkets is mainly the anti-theft of valuables, including milk powder, alcohol, health food, electronic equipment and so on. The loss of a stolen piece is greater. Today Bohang Xiaobian gives you anti-theft knowledge of milk powder in popular science supermarkets.


1. Milk Powder with Packaging Bags.

This kind of milk powder is packaged in bags and weighs moderately, but the price is not low. It is more suitable for using soft labels to guard against theft. The soft label is attached to the side seam in the middle of the package, which makes it difficult to find out. If milk powder uses hard tags, they will puncture the packaging, which will deteriorate milk powder. So soft labels are more suitable for supermarkets to anti-theft.

2. Milk Powder with Metal Packaging Box.

This kind of milk powder is usually packed in metal, usually in an oval shape and weighs heavier, so the price is often several hundred yuan. Therefore, special anti-theft clamp or anti-theft rope buckle for milk powder will be used. The milk powder clamp is made of high strength plastic and is used on the base of the milk powder can. Milk powder buckle is acoustical magnetic buckle plus wire rope.

 If you need commodities anti-theft, you can feel free to contact us, we will provide you with high quality product and good service.

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