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Supermarket security alarm door working principle introduction [Bohang China]

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Supermarket security alarm door working principle introduction [Bohang China]


Everyone knows that there are anti-theft devices in supermarkets and other places. The anti-theft device is mainly for a sense of security. There are a lot of anti-theft devices in the supermarket. Today we focus on introducing the supermarket security alarm door and understanding how it works.The main working principle of the supermarket anti-theft system is to put an anti-theft tag on the relatively expensive and relatively stolen goods, and install the supermarket security alarm door  at the exit of the store. If the thief takes the goods through the supermarket security alarm door, the supermarket security alarm door will be an alert will be issued.


Bohang supermarket security alarm door

The working principle of supermarket security alarm door is mainly the following three.

1. RF EAS system: The RF EAS system transmits signals by using radio waves, and the detection frequency ranges from 7.x to 8.x megahertz. The signal it transmits is the same as that of mobile phones and broadcasts, but the frequency is different. The system cost of a radio system is relatively low and very convenient to install. However, it also has the disadvantage that when the anti-theft tag is a toroidal coil type, the system is subject to interference from some external items, so sometimes it may cause false positives or not.


The radio system has both soft and hard tags to protect most of the merchandise in the supermarket. Usually the two supports of the supermarket security alarm door can not be greater than 0.9 meters, and the places used are usually in the mall with only one import and export. Wireless systems are divided into vertical and channel types.


2. AM EAS system: Resonance will occur when the oscillation frequency is the same. This principle is applied by the new word system, its accuracy is very high, and the false alarm rate is almost zero. The AM EAS system soft label on the product will resonate when entering the detection area of the EAS system, but the receiver will alarm when it receives the signal alarm four or five times in succession.


The characteristics of the AM EAS system are very good in anti-interference, the width of the protected outlet will reach 3.5 meters, and the degaussing can be repeated. AM EAS systems include vertical systems, channel systems and concealed systems, and the models are available in a variety of options.


Bohang supermarket security alarm door

3.Electromagnetic wave EAS system: The detection signal of the electromagnetic wave system uses electromagnetic waves. The label of the electromagnetic wave system is relatively small, the price of the label is relatively cheap, and the degaussing can be repeated, but it is also misreported by some interference of metal and magnetic, and the protection width is generally about 0.9 m.


4.The new generation of channel-type electromagnetic wave system is a software-controlled electronic anti-theft system, which integrates many technologies, including: digital processing technology and degaussing system, cashier monitoring, closed-circuit television monitoring system. The fast degaussing plate can be demagnetized repeatedly, but the cost is relatively high. Electromagnetic wave systems are available in both vertical and channel types.


Our Bohang products cover RF/AM anti-theft hard tags (clothing tags, milk powder tags, wine bottle tags, ink tags, eye tags, etc.), AM anti-theft soft labels (stick labels, waterproof labels, narrow labels, labels, cards) Labels, etc., anti-theft system accessories (protection boxes, tag removers, wire ropes, anti-theft tag pins, etc.) and supermarket security alarm door and other anti-theft EAS systems and decoders. Our competitive advantage is to meet the needs of our customers with preferential prices, professional online and offline services, and quick and timely response.

Bohang supermarket security alarm door

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