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Take you to know the unique library anti-theft eas system knowledge [Bohang China]

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Take you to know the unique library anti-theft eas system knowledge [Bohang China]


The library is an open place. Many people read and borrow books every day. It is also common for some thieves to "freely borrow books", and if the library does not have good anti-theft measures, many important books will be lost. With the development of technology, after the EAS system became popular in the market, it not only shines in supermarkets, clothing stores and other places, but also plays a beautiful glimpse of the library security. However, there may still be many people who do not understand the anti-theft knowledge of the library anti-theft eas system. Today, Bohang China will take you to understand.

Bohang Bohang library anti-theft eas system 

The library anti-theft eas system system consists of three parts: an anti-theft antenna, an anti-theft tag and a decoder. Install an anti-theft antenna at the entrance to the library. Once someone takes out the book without degaussing decoding from the library, the anti-theft antenna will automatically alarm. Remember to invite the professional to design the appropriate detection installation distance when installing the antenna, otherwise the anti-theft effect will be reduced.


For book theft, many times we use soft tags, and these soft labels are reusable. They can be magnetized and demagnetized at any time, which not only reduces costs but also facilitates borrowing. The soft label of the book is usually attached to the corner of the book because it is easily torn and destroyed on the surface of the book, so that ordinary people will not pay attention to it, thereby indirectly increasing the anti-theft effect.

Bohang library anti-theft eas syste

When someone finishes the borrowing process and passes the book through the decoder, the soft label on the book is demagnetized, and the borrower can leave the light. When people return to the book next time, they can return the book through magnetization to ensure that the label can be reused.


The anti-theft eas system of the entire library is such a process, which not only facilitates borrowing and returning books, but also improves the overall operational efficiency of the library.

Bohang Bohang library anti-theft eas system

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