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The Foundation of of RF anti-theft system[Bohang China]

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1. Basic principles

Frequency modulation signals of 6.8-9.5 MHz are transmitted from the transmitting antenna to generate a warning electric field. When an induction tag enters the electric field, a resonance trigger alarm is generated. EAS is the abbreviation of "electronic commodity anti-theft system". It uses radio frequency technology to make the commodity itself have the ability of self-defense and anti-theft. It changes from traditional "civil air defense" to "material and technical anti-theft", and realizes the advanced system of accurate and effective anti-theft.

2. Component

EAS consists of detectors, decoders, unlockers, hand-held detectors and other accessories:(1) Detector: composed of transmitting antenna, receiving antenna and power box; usually installed at the outlet.(2) Decoder: It can decode the soft label by remote sensing; it can also use the built-in coil of POS laser platform (silence, alarm and early warning) in conjunction with the decoder board.(3) Lock-unlocking device: The mechanical hard label is separated from the commodity by strong magnetic force on the cash register.(4) Accessories: decodable labels (soft labels): for Department stores, audio and video, books, etc.; (disposable) B, non-decodable labels (hard labels): for clothing, bags, shoes, milk powder, wine, etc.; CD, cigarettes, etc. (reusable). 


3. Types and Application

Radio (RF) radio frequency system: one of the early electronic anti-theft systems. It uses radio frequency as the system to transmit and receive detection signals. The standard range of detection frequency is 7.2-8.2 MHz. The main advantages of radio frequency system are low cost, high anti-theft detection rate, good anti-interference and wide protection outlet.Radio frequency system has two kinds of anti-theft labels, soft and hard, which can protect most of the goods in the shopping mall. Radio frequency system has two installation modes: independent type and channel type. It is widely used to protect Department stores, clothing and electricity, supermarkets and so on. (2) Acousto-magnetic (AM) system: Tuning fork can cause resonance only when the oscillation frequency is the same, and mechanical energy and magnetic energy can be used to alternately convert.The characteristics of acoustical-magnetic system are high anti-theft detection rate, not shielded by tinfoil, soft and hard labels of acoustical-magnetic system, which can protect most kinds of goods in shopping malls, but easy to be missed. Acoustical-magnetic system includes independent system, channel system and concealed system (construction is more difficult, use cost is higher) of different types. (3) Electromagnetic system: Electromagnetic system uses electromagnetic wave as detection signal. It came into being almost at the same time as radio system. It has a history of more than 30 years.Its advantage is that the label is the smallest, the label price is cheap, and it can repeat degaussing, which is suitable for the protection of specific products such as books.There are two types of electromagnetic wave system, vertical and channel, the outlet width is generally 0.8 meters. The application environment is mostly in libraries, bookstores, audio-visual stores and so on. The detection rate of electromagnetic wave system is generally about 60%. The system is susceptible to the influence of magnetic or metal substances, resulting in false alarm or false alarm.


4. The Reason of Using

1. The increasing number of self-selected supermarkets and warehouse retail stores has brought convenience to customers, but at the same time, the loss of goods is becoming more and more serious.2. The traditional man-to-man, monitoring and other "civil air defense" technology, because man-to-man is easy to fatigue and in a large market, when the flow of people is large, actually fails to play an effective anti-theft role. At the same time, in order to reduce the loss, we have to increase the number of people to visit the market, and increase the extra expenses of the shopping mall.3. The traditional "civil air defense" technology gives customers a sense of being monitored. It has not really created a relaxed and free shopping environment. The transformation of "material and technical prevention" not only plays an accurate and effective anti-theft effect, but also creates a comfortable shopping environment for customers under the pressure of employees.4.The method of model selection: According to the actual situation such as user's acceptable consumption ability and field door distance, the selection of model and installation scheme are considered comprehensively. Be careful to prevent metal shielding and other electrical interference.

How does the RF anti-theft system deal with the shielding effect of metals?It should be known that the shielding effect of metals will interfere with the radio frequency anti-theft system. Bohang radio frequency anti-theft system on the market is relatively common in dealing with metals.The shielding effect is much better. The radio frequency anti-theft system is relative to electromagnetic wave and acoustic magnetic, theft-proof performance is far from sound and magnetic theft-proof system, but the price is relatively cheap. So even if the shielding effect of metal will interfere with the radio frequency anti-theft system,We will still buy radio frequency anti-theft system.Food, cigarettes, cosmetics, medicines and metal products such as electricity packaged in foil Pools, CD/DVDs, hairdressers and hardware tools, even metal shopping carts and shopping baskets.Radio frequency anti-theft system will also be shielded, then how to deal with the metal screen of the radio frequency anti-theft system Shelter? First of all, we should choose the location of the installation of the radio frequency anti-theft system reasonably and avoid the location of the installation. There are metal railings and metal doors, so as not to interfere with the installation site should be chosen as far as possible in the absence of gold. At the same time, keep enough distance from the cashier's desk, POS machine will also affect it. Anti-interference ability of radio frequency anti-theft system. Secondly, the sensitivity is increased. The sensitivity of many RF anti-theft systems on the market is as follows: Adjustable, sensitivity is like the heart of the radio frequency anti-theft system, only high  sensitivity, small Stealing can't run away at all. At the same time, we should pay attention to whether the sensitivity of attention is out of order at all times.We can take the goods to test them. If we pay attention to them from time to time, the problem can be solved in time. The sensitivity of the radio frequency anti-theft system is raised, which can improve the anti-theft ability of the radio frequency anti-theft device to a great extent.Finally, the shop staff should pay attention to the metal goods in the shop, especially in the shop. The cashier must take care of this when he finds out that customers come to the cashier's desk with metal objects, we must remember to demagnetize the metal items. We must not neglect it. There are many customers checking out. More attention should be paid to prevent some customers from taking advantage of the opportunity to bring out metal products.


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