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The advantages of RFID and how to use RFID technology[BOHANG]

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The advantages of RFID and how to use RFID technology[BOHANG]

What is the RFID technology?RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), commonly known as "electronic tag", is a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically recognizes target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not require manual intervention as a wireless version of the barcode. RFID technology has the advantages of waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistance, long service life, large reading distance, data encryption on the label, larger storage data capacity, and free storage information. The application will be for retail, Logistics and other industries have brought about revolutionary changes.

Bohang RFID technology

The RF tag is physically composed of three parts: a tag, an antenna, and a reader. Tag consists of a coupling element and a chip. Each tag has a unique electronic code. The high-capacity electronic tag has a user write area attached to the object to identify the target object. Reader: Read (sometimes A device that can also write) tag information, which can be designed as a handheld or fixed type; Antenna: transmits RF signals between the tag and the reader.So what is the characteristics of RFID technology.

1,Data storage: Compared with the traditional form of the tag, the capacity is larger (1 bit - 1024 bit), the data can be updated at any time, can be read and written;

2,read and write speed: compared with the bar code, no linear alignment scanning, faster reading and writing, Multi-target recognition, motion recognition;

3,Easy to use: small size, easy to package, can be embedded in the product; 4,Safety: special chip, serial number unique, difficult to copy;

5,Durable: no mechanical failure, long life, resistant to harsh environments.

Bohang RFID technology

After learning these knowledge of the RFID technology,now do you what application field is it use.As a data carrier, electronic tags can play the role of identification, item tracking and information collection. In foreign countries, electronic tags have been applied in a wide range of fields. The RFID system consisting of electronic tags, readers, antennas and application software is directly connected to the corresponding management information system. Every item can be accurately tracked. This comprehensive information management system can bring many benefits to customers, including real-time data collection, secure data access channels, and all product information offline. Wait. In foreign countries, RFID technology has been widely used in many fields such as industrial automation, commercial automation and so on. 

Bohang RFID technology

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