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The advantages of installing a clothing anti-theft system

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The advantages of installing a clothing anti-theft system


Clothing is a necessity for people's lives, and its sales market trend is:


1,the competition strength of single store is weakened, and using the anti-theft system of clothing store tend become to be chained;

2,the area of a single store is constantly expanding;

3,the customer service is constantly humanized, such as: setting up a customer lounge, try on room in the store.



Expanding the size of a single store will cause some problems. For example, the theft of customers will increase, and the loss will be more serious if it encounters a professional theft team. The clerk has to promote products, but also to prevent theft, these two things can not take into account.So it often affects sales, increase employee work tasks, reduce employee work mood. Thereby reducing sales performance. The store area has increased, the number of employees has increased, and administrative expenses have increased. Loss of service, loss of salesperson's compensation, affecting work enthusiasm, these all may cause people to move or revenge, may also join the theft team, resulting in internal theft.


Benefits of installing a clothing theft system:

1, Reduce the loss rate of clothing: The loss of clothing can not see in a day. This loss is accumulated over a long period of time. If there is no good awareness of  anti-theft, the loss of the store may be great.

2,Saving staff costs: The larger of the clothing store, the more employees there will be, and the labor costs will increase. This is a major expense for clothing stores. However, people's energy is limited, and they can't be used in real-time anti-theft products while serving customers, so the anti-theft device can effectively prevent the parts that employees can't notice.

3,Reduce employee tasks and improve work efficiency: After installing the equipment, employees only try to sell clothing and do a good job of promotion. Once there is stealing, it will alarm when they pass the anti-theft exit. At the same time,employees have no bad feelings because of the penalty, which increases the enthusiasm of work.


A successful chain enterprise not only pays attention to scientific management in management, but also pays attention to the quality of service at work. Before the anti-theft system was installed, due to the increase in passenger flow, employees must not only need to sell well but also need to prevent the loss of goods, which leads to confusion and reduced efficiency. At the same time, due to lack of practical proof, it cannot be solved effectively after encountering customer theft. , thereby causing customer disputes and affecting the quality of service. Since the anti-theft system is an audible and visual alarm, it has achieved remarkable results in reducing the loss of goods, increasing work efficiency, and improving product service.

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