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The appearance materials of the supermarket EAS system

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The appearance materials of the supermarket EAS system


Many people will see the vertical EAS system at the door of the supermarket and clothing store. Everyone knows that it is a testing device for anti-theft of goods.However, many EAS system that you see are not uniform, although they are vertical EAS system. There is still a big gap in appearance, such as color-white, black, transparent, gray, etc., the material is also very different, you may feel confused when you learn from the EAS system of the supermarket, you will feel EAS system are very complicated.In fact, the main types of EAS system are AM and RF EAS system. Other differences are the appearance materials, colors, and designs. Generally, after determining it is the AM or RF, just choose what are the Style and color suitable for store,the material for your budget can be.



 Type of material for the EAS syetem

1. Aluminum alloy : The first use of the EAS system is aluminum alloy material. This material has light weight,outlook design is simple and elegant. It can be applied to most ordinary stores,the appearance of the EAS system will be deformed due to physical collisions after long time use, affecting the image of the store.


2, ABS high-strength plastic : ABS plastic is currently the most used material in the EAS system, most of the hard tags appearance materials is ABS plastic, its weight is higher than aluminum alloy, the hardness is better than aluminum alloy It is much stronger, so it can be used for a long time without deformation. It is the choice of many merchants. The shortcoming is that white color will look old after a long time of use, but the price is moderate, which is currently the most popular.


3, transparent acrylic: Acrylic material is the best looking inside, the antenna is transparent, simple and beautiful, very suitable for high-end supermarkets, clothing and other stores, many brands will choose acrylic EAS system,appearance image is very consistent with the brand temperament of the store, but the price is more expensive than ABS plastic.

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