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The benefits of using AM RFID hard tag and its application areas [Bohang China]

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The benefits of using AM RFID hard tag and its application areas [Bohang China]

In our daily life, we are familiar with the AM anti-theft security tag, and we also know about RFID technology,but do you know the security hard tags that combine AM technology with RFID technology?What are the advantages of using AM RFID hard tag, and what kind of store  recommended to use ?Next we BOHNAG electronics will introduce some information of AM RFID hard tags to everyone,please see as below.


Bohang AM RFID hard tag

We know that the main purpose of using the AM anti-theft security tag is to prevent theft. If the thief steals the goods without payment, an alarm will be generated when they pass through the anti-theft security alarm door.At the same time, the AM anti-theft security tags attached on the goods can also be used to shock the thief who wants to steal.The main purpose of using RFID hard tags is to make an inventory, prevent internal theft in staff, improve management efficiency, and facilitate management and standardization.It is conceivable that the advantage of using an AM RFID hard tag is that not only it can be used for anti-theft but also can be used for inventory.


This AM RFID anti-theft hard tag features high-sensitivity radio frequency identification (RFID) inlays for visualization and inventory management at the item level, as well as EAS originals for asset protection.The RFID component can store specific information about the protected item to visualize real-time items at around.The source tag is achievable, so retailers can immediately place the received tagged items for faster receipt and sale to the store inventory.


Bohang AM RFID hard tag

The benefits of using a AM RFID hard tag are:

1. Visualize the real-time products nearby,it is easy to monitor.

2. The original RFID provides an effective way to track inventory, while the original AM EAS can provide commodity protection.

3. Tagging (source tag) during the manufacturing process helps to increase tag availability while ensuring continuous fixation.

4. The goods marked with the source tag can be sold when they are reached, speeding up the product on shelf.

This AM RFID hard tag is suitable for clothing, general merchandise, department stores, special clothing and other fields. Due to its powerful function and the use of high-strength ABS plastic to produce the outer casing, the price is relatively expensive.If you want to achieve anti-theft and inventory identification, and your budget is sufficient, then you can choose this AM RFID hard tag in your store.

Bohang AM RFID hard tag

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