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The benefits of using clothing clothing security tags [Bohang]

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The benefits of using clothing clothing security tags [Bohang]


Clothing clothing security tags is a kind of commonly used electronic label. Its anti-theft function is a function of reusing alarms for electronic items. clothing security tags can be placed in the bag or installed on the clothing, shoe bag, but some clothing is more special can not install clothing security tags, today Xiaobian will tell you about the role and benefits of clothing clothing security tags.


 Bohang clothing clothing security tags


The manufacturer adds a clothing security tags to the production and packaging process of the garment to change the past practice of attaching the anti-theft label to the clothing label. In this way, the anti-theft tag can be more secure and not easily torn off, thereby reducing the loss of goods; and the clothing security tags can be reused, and the general man can not be opened with brute force, and the clothing security tags is also the most widely used label in the clothing store.


 Bohang clothing clothing security tags


When the customer buys the goods settlement, he can use the eas detacher to unlock the clothing security tags, and then the cash register can generate the sales order and unlock the anti-theft function. In this way, the alarm will not ring when the customer leaves with the item. When the customer pays the bill, the cashier will write the date of sale to the label, so that the items purchased by the customer are also guaranteed and promised. Moreover, those products that were not suitable for the sale of the shelves can be opened for sale because they are protected by anti-theft tags, which increases the customer's desire to purchase and promotes a substantial increase in sales.

Bohang clothing clothing security tags

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