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The characteristics and application of spider wrap anti-theft security tag [Bohang China]

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The characteristics and application of spider wrap anti-theft security tag [Bohang China]


There are thousands of items and products in the store, and it is difficult to protect them only using with ordinary anti-theft security hard tags and soft labels. In this way, there are special anti-theft security tags, such as wine bottle buckles, milk powder buckles, CD protection boxes, sound tape protection boxes, spider wrap anti-theft security tag, etc. The operation of such electronic tags is relatively simple and the effect is good. Today, BOHANG electronics will focus on introducing you to the spider wrap anti-theft security tag.

Bohang spider wrap anti-theft security tag

Spider wrap anti-theft security tags can be divided into RF anti-theft tags and AM anti-theft tags, which can be used with RF anti-theft EAS systems and AM anti-theft EAS systems. At the same time, according to the function to classify, it can be divided into double anti-theft security tag and triple anti-theft security tag.

Dual Spider wrap anti-theft security tag provide security for a wide range of popular, high value goods. Its adjustable rope protects all shapes and sizes of packaging products, but does not prevent customers from picking items and do not affect the customer experience. If someone tries to remove the anti-theft security tag, while the rope is broken, the dual spider wrap anti-theft security tag will sound an audible alarm; if the protected product passes through the detection zone, the tag will alert the AM or RF alarm door system. 

Bohang spider wrap anti-theft security tag

After the battery is exhausted, the anti-theft security tag should be removed in a proper manner and the anti-theft security tag stops alarming. Its rugged design provides powerful visual impact on thieves, while the shape is small, and the impact on brand promotion is minimized.

In order to further ensure safety of the product,the product using the triple spider wrap anti-theft security tag is taken out of the store, the anti-theft security tag itself will issue an alarm, so it can also be called a self-alarming tag.The small spider wrap anti-theft security tag is suitable for video games, small electronic devices, hand tools, gift combinations, CD, DVD series, software, e-readers, digital cameras and more.The medium-sized spider wrap anti-theft security tag is suitable for medium-sized packaging products such as electronic devices, notebook computers, software, power tools, video games, toys, and so on. Large spider wrap anti-theft security tag can be used for large packaged products such as televisions, microwave ovens, etc.

Bohang spider wrap anti-theft security tag

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