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The composition of the library security system [Bohang China]

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The composition of the library security system [Bohang China]


Today,Bohang China will tell everyone what constitutes the composition of the library security system. There are mainly the basic four parts of the library security system host, the library security system detection antenna, the book reversal magnetic device, the library security system security tag.


Bohang library security system

The library security system host: mainly controls the central pivot system of the library security system device, effectively controls the sensitivity and balance value monitoring of the entire library security system device and the surrounding environment noise function, which is the core part of the library security system device.


library security system: It is mainly used at the entrance and exit to check whether the book has been taken out without permission. Depending on the material, there will be various differences in appearance and style.Degaussing device: A device used to degauss and magnetize anti-theft tags hidden in books. Generally, it is classified into ordinary type and infrared light control type.


Bohang library security system

library security system soft label: According to the length of the label, it is divided into 6cm, 12cm, 16cm and other lengths. According to the different materials, it is divided into iron-based magnets and cobalt-based magnets. Generally, cobalt-based magnets with better quality and effect are selected.

Bohang library security system

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