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The correct solution to the problem of library eas security gate [Bohang]

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The correct solution to the problem of library eas security gate [Bohang]


The library eas security gate will be somewhat different from the clothing and supermarket anti-theft system, and the system configuration is more complicated. Therefore, the problems that can be solved in the clothing and supermarket anti-theft system may not be solved in the library eas security gate. Moreover, most of the library anti-theft belongs to the electromagnetic wave system, and the principle is completely different. Here are some questions and solutions for the library anti-theft.


 Bohang library eas security gate


(1) When the library eas security gate is turned on, the host does not display or work.

1. Check if the power supply of the host is properly supplied, and if the socket is properly plugged in;

2. Check if the power cable of the wiring is normal.

3. the above two points are no problem then it is necessary to check whether the fuse is damaged.


(2) The power supply and the panel work normally, but the anti-theft antenna does not alarm.

1. Check if the book used for inspection has a magnetic strip and whether the magnetic strip is magnetic;

2. Check if the antenna outlet of the antenna is properly powered.

 Bohang library eas security gate


(3) The library eas security gate always keeps ringing and does not work normally

1. Check if there is a large electronic device around the world. You can turn it off first to see if the antenna is still alarming. If it is easy to use, adjust the distance between the detector and other electronic devices; if it is not easy to use, adjust the reference and reference knobs to increase the difference between the two numbers until it rings;

2. check whether there are books with this magnetic strip around, and often forget to put the book around to cause this situation. There is also a check on the magnetic strips around the unapplied, the staff will accidentally drop the magnetic strip and cause false positives.

Bohang library eas security gate

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