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The difference between AM and RF anti-theft system

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The difference between AM and RF anti-theft system


In fact, the only difference is that the anti-theft technology used is different.

1. The eas AM Anti-theft System  utilizes the physical principle that the tuning fork only causes resonance when the oscillation frequency is the same, and realizes almost zero false alarm operation. When the acoustic magnetic system tag attached to the product enters the detection area of the system, resonance occurs, but the system will only issue an alarm after the receiver receives four consecutive resonance signals (every 1/50th of a second).

2. The eas RF anti-theft system, that is, the radio frequency system (Radio Frequency RF), uses the radio frequency principle to transmit a 7.5~8.5MHz FM signal from the transmitting antenna, and generates a warning electric field between the receiving antenna and the receiving antenna. At this time, a resonance trigger alarm is generated.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages between the two systems?

1. The characteristics of the eas AM system are high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarm, no metal foil paper shielding, good anti-interference, and wide protection protection (single system can protect 4 meters wide). The acoustic magnetic system has two kinds of anti-theft tags, which are soft and hard. It protects most kinds of goods in the mall, and the soft tag is small in size and can be degaussed repeatedly. It is the preferred technology for the anti-theft source labeling program. The disadvantage is that it is expensive, and the average small supermarket and clothing store costs are high.

2. The eas RF anti-theft system is currently the most widely used technology in EAS (Electronic Commodity Anti-theft System) products, and is highly welcomed by customers with high cost performance and low cost consumables. The disadvantage is that the anti-theft performance is worse, and the false alarm rate is relatively high.

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