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The function of the EAS system[Bohang China]

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1. Prevent thefts. The system changed the old ways that the workers have to gaze at the customers or the workers have to take good care of the merchandises in case that someone would steal them. The system makes each of the merchandises protects themselves and solves the stealing problem totally. That would reduce the loss of market.


2. Simplify management. The system could effectively prevent inner thieves, ease contradictions between managers and staff, exclude the staff's psychological barriers and let them work  and increase working efficiency. Also the system could reduce the number of employees and optimize employees at the original basics to save operating costs and improve service level.

3. Alarm. The system could stop the customers stealing with a tough and polite way. It could avoid the disputes between persons and it could protect the profit of the shopkeepers, meanwhile respecting the human rights. The system could warn and stop the thieves psychologically.

4. Improve the shopping atmosphere. Many people don’t like the old gazing way. The system could create a better atmosphere that customers could select merchandises freely, and it could improve the relationship between the merchants and the customers which makes the circumstance more comfortable and help the merchants to attract more customers.

5. Make the circumstance more beautiful .The system is a higher-tech and pretty product, it could beautify the circumstance when protecting the merchandises. The system is a new trend for all the market.


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