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The future trend of commodity anti-theft EAS security gate [BOAHNG]

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The future trend of commodity anti-theft EAS security gate [BOAHNG]

Commodity anti-theft EAS security gate are widely used in all walks of life, and can carry out all-round anti-theft and monitoring of various commodities. With the continuous development of technology, the updating of products is also accelerating, and the anti-theft of goods must follow the pace, no matter the appearance, technology or intelligence must be developed in all directions. What is the future trend of commodity anti-theft EAS security gate?

Bohang anti-theft EAS security gate

First of all-Intelligent. It cannot be ignored that 2019 is the year of artificial intelligence explosion. The application range of smart home appliances is more and more widespread, the penetration rate is getting higher and higher, and more and more intelligent electronic devices are used, and many of them are used in daily life. Also in the future development trend of commodity anti-theft is the intelligent development, so that the future trend of commodity anti-theft EAS security gate is to be able to handle anti-theft events in all aspects. 

Secondly-Fashion Since the anti-theft of goods is mainly applied in major shopping malls such as service shops, jewelry stores, etc., in the development and research of anti-theft EAS security gate, BOAHNG electronics thinks that it will become more and more fashionable and cutting-edge. After all, the aesthetic connection of the public is also constantly improving, and it is possible to customize the appearance of different themes for different stores, so as to meet the needs of major businesses. Thirdly-Environmental protection In recent years, green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction have been the focus of attention in all walks of life. 

Bohang anti-theft EAS security gate

Similarly, BOHANG electronics believes that one of the future development trends of commodity theft prevention is to keep up with national policies and be green and environmentally friendly in selected materials. Promote the harmonious development of nature and society, and reduce the weight of the material to reduce the pressure on the installer.

Our BOHANG believes that the future development trend of commodity anti-theft EAS security gate in addition to the above-mentioned three aspects of intelligence, fashion and environmental protection, is also more convenient in the installation operation, which can save a lot of manpower and material costs. Commodity anti-theft can only be better applied to different store scenarios by using technical means as the actual basis and extending to multi-dimensional development and renewal to better meet the needs of different people.

Bohang anti-theft EAS security gate

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