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The good performance characteristics of RFID technology and RFID tags[BOHANG CHINA]

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The good performance characteristics of RFID technology and RFID tags[BOHANG CHINA]


In order to achieve lean management, reduce staff and increase efficiency.How to solve the problems encountered in hotel material management depends on technical means,how to solve the problem of the anti-theft, management, inventory problems of hotel supplies.When you know the good performance characteristics of RFID technology and RFID tags,you may know how to resolve this difficulties for you hotel,after all, any theft in the hotel will cause you a headache, and it will bring property damage.Please see as followed:

Bohang RFID technology

1. Quick scan. The RFID recognizer can recognize and read several RFID tags at the same time!

2. The size is small and the shape is diverse. RFID is not limited in size and shape for reading, and does not need to match the fixed size and print quality of the paper for reading accuracy. In addition, RFID tags can be developed into smaller and more diverse forms for use in different products.

3. Anti-pollution ability and durability. Traditional bar-code carriers are paper and easy to contamination, but RFID is highly resistant to substances such as water, oil and chemicals. In addition, since the bar-code is attached to a plastic bag or an outer carton, it is particularly susceptible to breakage; the RFID tag is to store data in the chip, so that it can be protected from fouling.  

4. Can be reused. Nowadays, bar-code printing cannot be changed after it is printed. RFID tags can repeatedly add, modify, and delete data stored in RFID tags to facilitate information update.
5. Penetrating and barrier-free reading. In the case of being covered, RFID can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic, and can communicate transparently. The bar-code scanner must be able to read the bar-code at close range without object blocking.

Bohang RFID technology

6. The data has a large memory capacity. The capacity of a one-dimensional bar-code is 50 Bytes, the maximum capacity of a two-dimensional bar-code can be stored from 2 to 3000 characters, and the maximum capacity of an RFID has a number of mega characters. With the development of memory carriers, the data capacity has also been expanding. The amount of information that will be carried in future items will increase, and the demand for capacity expansion of the volume label will increase accordingly.  

7. Security. Since RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be protected by passwords, making its content difficult to be forged and altered. RFID has attracted attention because of its long-distance reading and high storage capacity. It can not only help a company to greatly improve the efficiency of goods and information management, but also enable sales companies and manufacturing companies to interconnect, so as to more accurately receive feedback information, control demand information, and optimize the entire supply chain.

After learning the knowledge of the RFID technology and RFID tags,for hotel anti-theft, now know how to solve it.If you still do not know,please contact BOAHNG electronics and we will help you answer questions.


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