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The importance of the eas anti-theft system [Bohang China]

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The importance of the eas anti-theft system [Bohang China]


Product theft is a high loss factor of traditional store operation, which not only affects the inductive income of the store, but also intensifies the strong handling of the store, which leads to a bad cycle. It is very important that the store chooses the product anti-theft in time. Below we choose the eas anti-theft system.


 Bohang eas anti-theft system


In order to reduce the rate of product theft, the store will inevitably carry out theft prevention. This requires the positioning of personnel and the manual anti-theft measures. This will inevitably add human capital, and if it can be used at this moment, The certified product anti-theft, using high-tech eas anti-theft systems for prevention, can reduce the cost of personnel anti-theft human resources, and then better complete the store sales.


 Bohang eas anti-theft system

Declining the cost of the store in order to find out the loss of the store in a timely manner, the general store will carry out regular inventory, which will greatly improve the low cost of handling costs, artificial burglary, many uncertain factors, the inventory loss data may be very different, and then This has led to an increase in the activity rate of personnel, an increase in the cost of the transaction, and the selection of the most stable eas anti-theft system for goods. After the loss of machinery and equipment, the number of inventory counts has been reduced, and the personnel activities caused by the disk loss have been reduced, thereby greatly improving the power handling.

Bohang eas anti-theft system

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