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The necessity of installing clothing anti-theft system in clothing stores

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The necessity of installing anti-theft system in clothing stores


    Many clothing stores will consider whether or not to install a clothing anti-theft device after setting up the shop. If it is installed, it would be a waste of cost. However, if it is not installed, it may not be as safe as worrying about the stolen clothing. If you do not find the loss for a long time is certainly very heavy, after installing the clothing anti-theft device, you do not have to worry about the loss of clothing. However, after the installation, many shopkeepers will feel that there is no need to install, because the real situation of seizing the thief is rare.

    So in the end there is no need to install a clothing anti-theft device? Whether the anti-theft device is installed or not depends on the specific conditions of the clothing store.

   1, in the high-end clothing store

   This type of clothing store is recommended to install anti-theft devices, stores have a large area, traffic is also large, and the cost of clothing is relatively high, once the number of stolen more losses, so it is recommended to install, prevent unnecessary losses. You can buy acoustic and magnetic antennas for some high-grade acrylic materials.

   2, ordinary clothing stores, but more traffic, service personnel can often not come

Because of the high traffic volume, this type of clothing store does not have enough service personnel to receive it. Therefore, it is very easy for the thief to succeed in the chaos. If the clothing is not installed, the long-term loss far exceeds the price of the anti-theft device. This kind of clothing store is also recommended to install, the price can choose the middle price of the anti-theft device.

   3, ordinary fine small clothing store, shop is not very small clothing

This type of small and delicate clothing store is very common in our daily lives. The size of a clothing store is very small. It usually takes only two or three service personnel and there are not many customers, so most of them can take care of it. So generally do not need to install a clothing anti-theft device, installed, then the best store is a little larger recommended installation, otherwise it is not recommended to install.

   For stores and big clothing stores, if the cost of lost clothes is added together, those funds can buy several clothing theft alarms, and the middle and high end of the use of the alarms are It's a good investment for three to three years. Buying a clothing anti-theft device can be used for a long time, and the input is greater than the output. The front two types of clothing stores are preferably installed with clothing anti-theft devices.

Clothing, as a necessity for people's lives, is the largest expenditure item for young people's lives. Its sales market trends are: First, single-store competition weakens, store sales tend to be chain-driven; second, single-store area expands; and third, storefront services Constant humanity, such as setting up customer lounges, try-on rooms, and open shelves for free shopping in the store.

The increase in the size of a single store will result in an increase in personnel, and the theft of stealing by customers will increase. If a professional team steals, the loss will be even more serious. The clerk should not only promote sales, but also prevent theft. The combination of the two can not be taken into consideration. It often affects sales, aggravates employee work tasks, lowers employee work emotions, and thus reduces sales performance. The increase in storefront area, the number of hired employees, and administrative expenses increase. Loss of services, salesperson compensation for losses, affect the enthusiasm of the work, may result in the flow of people or psychological revenge, it may also be added to the theft team, resulting in theft. As a result of this series of reactions, the customer’s sense of shopping for your salesperson and shop has disappeared. After the installation of clothing security, you can reduce the salesperson and reduce unnecessary expenses. The salesperson is no longer distracted and patiently explains to the customer. This also shows respect for the customer and helps sales of the garment.

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