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The necessity of the purchase of clothing alarm

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The necessity of the purchase of clothing alarm


Nowadays, all kinds of clothing anti-theft devices are being widely used by clothing stores. When the owner of the clothing store wants to buy the anti-theft device, the search business on the Internet is very many, the style and price of the product are different. Facing a large number of clothing anti-theft products, we should carefully choose safe and reliable anti-theft products. There will not be any embarrassing disputes arising from the quality and malfunction of the burglar alarm.

After the alarm of a clothing store's burglar alarm, the clothes salesman suspected Chen Chen's theft, and forced a search of Chen's handbag. After not finding any unpaid goods, the clerk not only did not apologize but also firmly believed that Chen stole the clothes, regardless of Chen and the couple's protests, after a search for nothing, and also taken a monitoring check. Chen and his wife asked the shop assistant to apologize immediately, but I did not think that the clerk was not of high quality but bad words. The patient's blood pressure was elevated and he was hospitalized. Li's family was very angry, the clothing store to make a complaint, after investigation confirmed that Chen's complaint is true, is the alarm malfunction. Preferably through mediation, the clothing store agrees to apologize and compensates for a total cost of 5000 yuan at one time.

Therefore, it is very important for the clothing store to buy the clothing anti-theft products correctly. Once this kind of thing happens many times, the reputation and brand of the clothing store will be greatly affected, and the customer's good sense of the product will also decline. Therefore, according to some of the anti-theft understanding and counseling, try to understand more than a few and compare, choose the clothing anti-theft door suitable for clothing stores. For the selection of anti-theft devices, if you want to look good looking and tall, more acrylic material, if the clothing store decoration belongs to the middle grade can consider ABS plastic, the appearance material is determined to choose which anti-theft device, the best choice to have door installation service, must have a quality assurance. !!!! This is the most critical point, because the anti-theft device often occurs when the instability, sometimes there will be a theft alarm has been misreported situation, this time needs to repair the door, so a good after-sales service is good!!!!

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