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The newest EAS system BH9677

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The newest EAS system BH9677

        Are you selling clothing, are you opening a supermarket chain, have you ever encountered the trouble of being stolen?



        The new BH9677 ABS self-contained AM EAS system offers retailers an affordable and reliable anti-theft solution.

The pedestal’s sleek open frame blends seamlessly into any retail setting while providing a visual deterrent against theft and delivering superior pick rates in all environments, even noisy ones.The on-board electronics are contained within the base cover of the primary pedestal, eliminating the need for an external controller and reducing installation and maintenance costs.

        Bohang provides a full range of security solutions for clothing store and supermarket,BH9677 is a better choice.Our products can be used without a grounding wire and the installation is very simple.And the selectivity of soft label and hard tags is very much,We have new materials and recycled materials.As long as you want, we can provide it.

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