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The price of supermarket eas system [Bohang]

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The price of supermarket eas system [Bohang]


With the increasing popularity of clothing chain stores and self-selected supermarkets in China, the phenomenon of loss of goods has become increasingly serious. How to prevent theft of goods and protect the safety of shopping malls has attracted more and more attention from retailers. Therefore, more and more retailers are paying attention to the price of supermarket eas system. Let us talk about them in detail.


 Bohang supermarket eas system


There are two main types of supermarket eas system:


1. The anti-theft device of the eas RF system is a relatively old-fashioned device. In the past, most of the supermarkets used this system to use the anti-theft device of this system, because its price is relatively cheap, and the price of the sound magnetic is too high, the detection range Not too big.


2. The anti-theft device of the AM eas system, with the development of science and technology in our country, domestic manufacturers have also made great progress in the field of AM eas systems. In terms of product quality and use effect, the anti-theft device of the AM eas system must It is a higher grade than eas RF system, but the price is not too low. If the budget is relatively sufficient, it is recommended that you use the anti-theft device of the acoustic magnetic system.


 Bohang supermarket eas system


The price of radio frequency alarm is generally about USD 200--500 , and the AM eas system is generally about USD 500--1000. The specific price will be up and down due to the appearance, material and manufacturers of the product. It is recommended that merchants choose the supermarket anti-theft device that suits their store according to the actual situation of the supermarket.

Bohang supermarket eas system

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