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The real reason for the false alarm of supermarket eas anti-theft device [Bohang China]

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The real reason for the false alarm of supermarket eas anti-theft device [Bohang China]


In daily life, some people always think about getting something for nothing, so there are often lost goods in supermarkets, shopping malls, clothing stores and other places. In order to deal with such a group of people, supermarket eas anti-theft device has appeared. Nowadays more and more supermarkets are in order to Choose to install the anti-theft device to reduce the economic loss caused by theft. Although it has helped us to remove the security risks, the problems of false positives and non-reports that often occur during the use process have caused us problems. So why is this happening? Today, Bohang China will give you an analysis. The real reason for false positives.


Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft device

First of all, the supermarket eas anti-theft device will generate false alarms, which generally refer to the radio frequency anti-theft system, which triggers an alarm by receiving a signal. Because radio frequency technology is widely used in the private sector, the probability of receiving radio frequency signals from radio frequency alarms will be high, such as bank cards, access cards, bus cards, key chains, etc., which are often used in daily life. If the frequency of the security tag is close to the firing frequency of the supermarket eas anti-theft device, it may trigger the alarm of the alarm. This is what is commonly called false alarm.


Although the AM eas anti-theft system has a lower false positive rate than the RF eas system, there are also false positives. There are two general reasons. The first is that the acoustic magnetic anti-theft system has higher requirements for power supply. It must be 220V 50HZ, normal power. Can be satisfied, if the same power supply of the anti-theft device also has other electrical equipment, it may cause abnormal power supply to the system, resulting in false alarms or abnormal operation. The second point is that the anti-theft consumables corresponding to the system have not undergone degaussing decoding processing directly through the supermarket eas anti-theft device. Now many foreign garment factories and luggage factories will sew the anti-theft labels into the products during the production process, when the anti-theft tags are not degaussed. In this case, an alarm will be generated after the acoustic magnetic alarm.

Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft device

So what should we do when a false alarm occurs in a supermarket eas anti-theft device? Here, Bohang China and the corresponding technical staff discussed the following measures for everyone, I hope I can help you.

1. Check whether the anti-theft tag or the anti-theft security hard tag is placed too close around the security door. Whether the anti-theft tag has been placed in the detection range of the supermarket security door.

2. Check if there are any missing labels or other sources of interference around the burglar alarm door, resulting in false alarms, and then eliminate the interference source.

3. If the above two steps are still done with false alarms, the user can open the motherboard of the security door, reduce the sensitivity of the security door, and shorten the actual detection distance of the security door (but this method will reduce the detection of the security door accordingly) effect).

4. The user can contact the system after-sales department of the system, let the technical staff to carry out remote technical guidance or on-site solution.

Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft device

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