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The red wine store anti-theft solution [Bohang China]

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The red wine store anti-theft solution [Bohang China]


We have provided customers with supermarket anti-theft solution, clothing store anti-theft solution and bookstores, libraries, mobile phone shops and other anti-theft solutions, and even amusement parks, Daxing International Airport anti-theft device. Recently, our work has made new progress, providing customers with red wine store anti-theft solutions.


 Bohang store anti-theft solution


A month ago, the customer found us at Nanjing Bohang Electronics for help. The client plans to open a store about wine. Whether it is liquor or red wine, it is basically expensive. The customer is worried about the theft, so I want to do it right from the beginning. Red hotel anti-theft solution. The customer asked if we could install an anti-theft device for his store and provide a suitable solution. The store is ready, the area is not very large, there is only one import and export, two doors open, the door is 1.6-2 meters, we let the customer provide the photo of the store, look at the scene.


Bohang store anti-theft solution


We found that the customer's door is a glass door, but there is a metal frame, so the RF anti-theft device must be eliminated, because the RF anti-theft device is susceptible to metal interference, and false alarms will occur. At the same time, the door distance is about 2 meters, and the distance is far. The alarm distance of the radio frequency alarm is not so far, which cannot meet the requirements. In view of the above data analysis, we recommend that customers choose the sound and magnetic anti-theft device, two installations are enough, installed on both sides of the door. Firstly, the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device has strong anti-interference ability, and the detection distance is far away, and it is not easy to cause false alarms. If you have a good budget, you can choose the acrylic anti-theft device, which is elegant and beautiful, and can attract more customers. If the budget is not much, you can use ABS plastic anti-theft device, which is durable and cost-effective. These are suitable for the red wine store anti-theft solution.

Bohang store anti-theft solution

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