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The role of supermarket anti-theft soft label [Bohang China]

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The role of supermarket anti-theft soft label [Bohang China]

Supermarket anti-theft soft label are generally anti-theft using barcodes. The front of the supermarket anti-magnetic strips is a bar code. The back-side stickers contain a miniature coil, also called a soft label. Soft tags are less expensive and can be attached directly to more "hard" items. Soft tags are not reusable, while hard tags are more expensive than soft tags, but can be reused. Let's take a look at the role of the supermarket anti-theft soft label.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft soft label

When using the supermarket anti-theft soft label, as long as the soft label is attached to the product, the purpose of protecting the product can be achieved. When an attempt is made to steal a tagged item, after the product passes through the detection channel, the detection antenna detects the tag signal on the product, and at the same time issues an alarm sound to promptly remind the security personnel to achieve the purpose of anti-theft. At the time of normal purchase, the salesperson decodes the supermarket anti-theft soft label after the checkout, and the customer can pass "safe". Soft labels for supermarket anti-theft soft label are mainly used for books, audio-visual products, detergents, stationery, etc., and soft labels are used at one time.


The supermarket anti-theft soft label looks like a general price tag. It is actually a magnetic anti-theft tag. Because it looks like a note on the shape, it is also called an anti-theft soft tag. The cashier scans the supermarket anti-theft soft label while degaussing the soft label, and the detector will not cause the alarm to sound.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft soft label


Some are by sticking a bar code with a magnetic strip directly on the anti-theft magnetic strip in the supermarket. Some are hidden behind the label by the magnetic strip, covered by the standard label, the original barcode is unchanged, the magnetic strip and the barcode are two functions, the magnetic strip Used for anti-theft, bar code is used for computer identification of goods, but some supermarket anti-theft soft labele and bar code functions are integrated. If the supermarket anti-theft soft label feels like a strip-like bump, it is the position of the magnetic strip. If the bar code itself is raised, then the function of the magnetic strip is included.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft soft label

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