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Things to be aware of in supermarket anti-theft devices during holidays [Bohang China]

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Things to be aware of in supermarket anti-theft devices during holidays [Bohang China]


Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are getting closer and closer to us. All major supermarkets have prepared for the arrival of holidays and holidays. For the holidays, customers can purchase high-quality and low-priced goods, but the number of holiday passengers is also the most widespread in supermarket thieves. At that time, they often take advantage of the supermarket shopping crowd to increase the stolen valuables, causing large losses in the supermarket, so the supermarket anti-theft devices must also be the best. In the case of a large number of passengers, you can also do anti-theft measures, so you can do it well in the usual anti-theft.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices


Install anti-theft and anti-theft tags as much as possible. Because a large number of supermarkets choose to install anti-theft tags selectively, these make the thief drill a hole, if there is no way to install all, do not put too many goods, customers will consult the staff once they need it. It is best not to release the physical items for very valuable items, but to leave an empty box. When the customer needs to purchase goods, the staff will immediately take out the goods for the customer, so the possibility of theft of valuable goods is greatly reduced. Train the staff of the supermarket to be vigilant, pay attention to key commodities, and not all goods in the supermarket will be stolen.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices


There are too many kinds of items in the supermarket. It is not possible to install anti-theft tags for every item, and it is impossible to find people to monitor them in real time. Therefore, special measures should be taken to prevent these anti-theft problems at a special time. The current supermarket anti-theft devices technology cannot be completely Anti-theft, so what we can do is to minimize the loss of the supermarket, so that we can do more with less, so that the thief will not dare to steal again, the role of supermarket anti-theft devices is really effective.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices

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