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Three applications of Bohang EAS system

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 Three applications of Bohang EAS system

With the rapid development of the service industry and the increasing emphasis on security, I believe that everyone is not new to the EAS system. The eas system can often appear in people's sights, but they will not grab people's attention. Bohang Electronics has been engaged in the production of the eas system for many years, and has a wealth of experience has been recognized and loved by the majority of users! Today, Bohang Electronics brings you three applications of the eas system.


(1) Major shopping malls

In major shopping malls, especially in large and brand clothing stores, you can see the eas system. Including the eas hard tag on the clothes, and the merchandise eas antennas at each entrance and exit. It must be said that major shopping malls are one of its most important and important application scenarios.

(2) Individual portals

Generally speaking, on the city streets rather than the stores in the mall, some are individual portals. Because the owner of the product is cherished and precious, he will choose the service of the leading the eas system for related protection. In general, the eas anti-theft system will mainly issue an alarm to remind people around the problem and conditions to ensure that it can be resolved in time.

(3) Exhibition Hall

In recent years, with the increasing demand for historical culture and niche culture, various exhibition halls and museums have been displayed in the eyes of everyone. In some exhibition halls, because some items are extremely precious, in order to reduce losses and reduce risks, it is necessary to choose a unique eas anti-theft system to enhance the protection.

The above is a detailed introduction of the three applications of the product anti-theft device that Bohang Electronics has summarized for you. We sincerely welcome customers to come to consult!

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