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Three major trends in the development of supermarket eas system

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Three major trends in the development of supermarket eas system

Since the application of the supermarket eas system is extremely wide, I believe that everyone has seen it and maybe a few people have experienced it. With the application of high technology in life, the development of supermarket eas anti-theft system has also achieved unprecedented development. Bohang Electronics is a manufacturer dedicated to supermarket anti-theft devices. It has been recognized and supported by users for many years. Today, Bohang Electronics introduces in detail the three major trends in the development of supermarket alarms, and hopes to help everyone.


(1) Intelligent

It cannot be ignored that 2018 is the year of artificial intelligence explosion. The application range of smart home appliances is becoming more and more widespread, and the penetration rate is also increasing, such as smart refrigerators, smart TVs, smart air conditioners, and so on. Also in the future development trend of supermarket anti-theft devices is the intelligent development, which makes it easier to save time and effort and complete the monitoring process and anti-theft process.

(2) Fashion

Since supermarket eas anti-theft devices are mainly used in major shopping malls such as service stores, jewelry stores, etc., in the development and research of supermarket anti-theft devices, Xiao Bian thinks that it will become more and more fashionable and cutting-edge. After all, the aesthetic connection of the public is also constantly improving. In addition, the leading supermarket anti-theft device should be properly integrated into various applicable scenarios to better play its role.

(3) Environmental protection

In recent years, green environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction have been the main concerns in life. Similarly, we believe that one of the future development trends of supermarket eas anti-theft system is to keep up with national policies and be green and environmentally friendly in selected materials. Promote the harmonious development of nature and society, and reduce the weight of the material to reduce the pressure on the installer.

The above is a detailed introduction of the three major trends in the development of supermarket eas anti-theft system for Bohang Electronics.We sincerely welcome customers to come to consult!

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